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Climate Flash Choir

Climate Flash Choir Brings ‘Joyful Militancy’ to City Council

About 10 years ago, when I was fresh and young and newly 30, I was working for the first time as a full-time organizer on a campaign against the expansion of a South Texas nuclear power plant. When COP 15 hit in December 2009, I got it in my head somehow that the best way to connect the dots between international climate negotiations in Copenhagen and our local fight against nuclear power—positioned by the powers-that-be as a carbon-free alternative to fossil fuels—was to sing about it.

Take Action

Jobs: Work for Climate Justice in SA

Two job opportunities for climate justice organizers (or would-be organizers) in San Antonio, Texas. Public Citizen is looking for a full-time climate justice organizer (PDF below): [UA_PDF_VIEWER_PRO pdf=”https://deceleration.news/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/san_antonio_climate_justice_organizer_11_171.pdf”%5D%5B/UA_PDF_VIEWER_PRO%5D Moms Clean Air Force is hiring a part-time contract organizer: Moms Clean Air Force is working in Texas  – primarily focused in […]