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When the Levee Breaks

Deluge in the Delta Amid California’s Changing Climate by Madi Whaley Never before have I been scared of the rain. As a child, it was always a wonderful surprise, a promise of relief from the hot dry summers of my hometown. Its infrequency coupled with its darkness evoked feelings of […]


YMI: ‘We Leave Aside the Cliques’

The story of one that got out, came back, and changed the game. It is the story of brave young men who were able to reach beyond hopelessness, anger, and frustration and create an intimate, supportive community with other young men. Not an easy thing to do, perhaps especially in […]


Plastic Bag Ban Über Alles, California?

Plastic bags are a sticky subject in the state of California. In January, Los Angeles became the largest US city to ban single-use plastic bags at grocery and retail stores, a move that follows years of legislative battles and frustration for grocers statewide. Since San Francisco’s trend-setting ban in 2007, plastic bags have […]


San Antonio Trailing In National ‘Clean Tech Leadership’ Rankings

San Antonio (and Houston, and Dallas, and Austin) have made important strides in building increasingly sustainable cities rich in low-polluting clean-tech technologies and developing carbon-reduction strategies. San Antonio’s CPS Energy and Austin’s Austin Energy continue to lead nationally in green-power sales, for instance, and important weatherization efforts, electric-vehicle charging stations, […]