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TAKE ACTION: Climate Plan Under Attack

A year and a half after Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the San Antonio City Council committed to creating a climate action plan for the city, area developers and oil and gas interests have finally taken notice. The natural gas lobby has pledged to fight adoption of San Antonio’s Climate Action […]

San Antonio artist Mary Agnes Rodriguez represents at historic climate justice rally last summer during the city's mayor runoff election. Image: Vanessa Ramos

Climate Action, San Antonio? Round Two Starts Next Week

Time to start gargling your ethically sourced chamomile and honey tea. On Monday, the second round of sit-down meetings for the various Climate Action and Adaptation Plan technical working groups and their steering committee gets underway.

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Jobs: Work for Climate Justice in SA

Two job opportunities for climate justice organizers (or would-be organizers) in San Antonio, Texas. Public Citizen is looking for a full-time climate justice organizer (PDF below): [UA_PDF_VIEWER_PRO pdf=”https://deceleration.news/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/san_antonio_climate_justice_organizer_11_171.pdf”%5D%5B/UA_PDF_VIEWER_PRO%5D Moms Clean Air Force is hiring a part-time contract organizer: Moms Clean Air Force is working in Texas  – primarily focused in […]

Collecting water near landslide
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Puerto Rico: Community-led Recovery Support Critical

100 days after Maria, nearly half of island still without power. 100 days after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, grassroots efforts to restore full access to the island’s electricity, water, and medical infrastructure remain critical, especially in the wake of the Trump administration’s demonstrated neglect of and disrespect for Puerto […]

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Climate Justice Requires a Lot More Than Another Plan

Your City Supports Climate Action? Define Action. Greg Harman and Marisol Cortez If there was any question as to what “America First” meant when it came to the subject of climate change, the world got its thumb-in-the-eye answer on June 1 when Trump announced plans to extricate the United States […]


Trump ‘Catastrophe’ Could Spark Climate-Justice Surprise

Progress under Obama had been marginal, but the shock of this moment offers us a possible ‘slingshot.’ Tom Athanasiou/EcoEquity Trump’s election was a catastrophe. Coming on top of everything else, it more than justifies pessimism. But at the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me add that our new position is […]