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VIDEO: ‘Hidden History’ of SA’s Environmental Resistance

From the Great Flood to climate action, San Antonio’s equity struggles reflected in its environmental fights. EDITOR’S NOTE: Who lives and who dies in the wake of disaster is largely a political decision. In San Antonio, this has meant agreement by those living upstream that those downstream must bear the […]


Coal Power Means High Bills, Public Health Crisis

EDITOR’S NOTE: San Antonio’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (PDF) hardly mentions coal power. In spite of JK Spruce being the largest emitter of climate pollution in San Antonio, it’s name doesn’t come up. And coal is only mentioned 10 times. How is that possible? It’s because when the largest […]


Tearing at the Soul of a Climate Action Plan

As climate hazards grow, CPS Energy’s CEO challenges City Council to a turf war. And they don’t even realize. Greg Harman “Greg, I think you’re being dramatic.” It was the last Steering Committee meeting for San Antonio’s burgeoning Climate Action & Adaptation Plan before the reworked document went out for […]

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PODCAST: Climate Action Planning Members Speak

With San Antonio’s first climate action plan approaching public release, contributing volunteers from local government, business, activism, and academia discuss their expectations of the San Antonio Climate Action & Adaptation Plan.


Energy Dusk to Energy Dawn: JT Deely (1977-2018)

Climate Action SA turns a funeral into celebration while marking the last gasps of San Antonio’s oldest and dirtiest coal plant.


Ding, Dong, Deely’s Dead

Cracking open the champagne at Calaveras Lake in San Antonio, Texas, to celebrate: One more lung-clogging, brain-poisoning, planet-heating coal plant is dead. … And Happy New Year! Via NEWS4SA: SAN ANTONIO – With about a dozen environmentally conscious friends, Councilwoman Ana Sandoval was part of an impromptu champagne party Monday […]

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San Antonio’s Top 10 Climate Polluters

US industrial greenhouse gas emissions may have dipped slightly last year, but in San Antonio they made a sharp jab skyward, according to numbers released last week by the US Environmental Protection Agency. In 2017, local power plants and industry belched out roughly 1. 6 million more metric tons of […]

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Is ‘Dirty’ Deely Coal Plant Closure Suddenly Fungible?

‘I think we need to have a discussion,’ CPS Energy CEO told the the utility’s Board of Trustees on Monday regarding previous longstanding promises to close the polluting plant this year. Greg Harman Slated for closure by end of the year, CPS Energy’s “Dirty” Deely coal plant’s future (and the […]


Climate Plan: Who Controls CPS Energy?

SA climate planners claim lack of ‘operational control’ over City-owned utility excuses millions of tons of pollution. Nearly 40 percent of City-owned CPS Energy’s climate pollution may not be accounted for in the city’s first-ever climate action plan. The Climate Action & Adaption Plan was announced last summer with $500,000 […]

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ATTEND: SA’s Climate Plan Could Hide Tons of Emissions

San Antonio is one of the last large cities in the United States to get serious about climate change. But a plan now being developed is wide-ranging and potentially very serious indeed. More than 70 volunteers (PDF) in San Antonio have been appointed to help officials with the City of […]

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No Such Thing As a Climate Plan With A Coal Plant

With ‘Dirty’ Deely’s retirement nearing, San Antonio’s CPS Energy hosting a hearing on keeping Spruce burning past 2040. Greg Harman SAN ANTONIO—Lumbering through the Earth Day throngs at Woodlawn Lake in April, the soot-stained “coal monster” pleaded his case. Here were booths about solar energy, tables with native plants, and […]

Coal experiments being run at at Oak Ridge National Lab.

CPS Energy Forecast: Hazy with Strong Chance of Coal

CPS Energy’s “Flexible Generation Plan” anticipates the city will still be burning coal in 2042. I hope when I’m gone and the ages shall roll, My body will blacken and turn into coal. Then I’ll look from the door of my heavenly home, And pity the miner a-diggin’ my bones. […]