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Welcome to West Texas: The World’s ‘Extraction Colony’

An unprecedented drilling boom in West Texas’s Permian Basin is great for business. But it’s polluting the air, overwhelming communities and threatening the planet. Kiah Collier, Jamie Smith Hopkins, & Rachel Leven MIDLAND, Texas — Drilling booms have come and gone in this oil town for nearly a century. But […]


Russian Hackers & Lamar Smith: Fuck You Both, Actually

New Congressional report demonstrates Lamar Smith and Russian hackers both doing their part to ratchet up the race to the bottom. Marisol Cortez & Greg Harman Remember when Russia Today, DBA RT America, contacted Deceleration for permission to use video we shot of Native-led pipeline resistance in West Texas? Yeah, […]


Fracking, Mining, Damming: ‘Homemade’ Quakes Increasing

[EDITOR’S NOTE: As clear and vital as the following article is, it avoids entirely a sleeping giant of human-caused earthquake risk: climate change. If you’re interested in how our industrially warming climate is making the earth shake, read: “Nepal Anniversary: How Climate Change Causes Earthquakes.”] From The Conversation: People knew […]


Standing Rock solidarity action at Alamo Plaza, San Antonio

Standing Rock solidarity action at Alamo, Plaza, San Antonio, September 10, 2016. #NoDAPL #NoDAPLSolidarity #StopDAPL #NoTransPecosPL #WaterIsLife #AyoyotesOnTheGround #SacredStoneCamp #StayWoke http://www.facebook.com/AmeyaltonalTejaztlan


Showdown over oil pipeline becomes a national movement for Native Americans

CANNON BALL, N.D. — The simmering showdown here between the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the company building the Dakota Access crude-oil pipeline began as a legal battle. It has turned into a movement. Over the past few weeks, thousands of Native Americans representing tribes from all over the country […]


Election 2014: Climate change versus the oil boom

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Work boots towered above Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott as he moved down rows of shelving at Justin Boots’ distribution center in Fort Worth. The campaign ad promised a “new era of economic opportunity.” And the staunchly conservative gubernatorial candidate used the setting to make his message clear: […]


Storm the Crossroads: How the Fracking ‘Revolution’ Gambles Our Already-Tenuous Future

We idle at a crossroads. It’s a harried intersection, to be sure, at a twilight hour. From one direction flow the rail cars of explosive oil, streams of latticed drilling rigs, water-sucking, chemical-spuming trucks, and the promise of mined Canadian oil sands snaking over the Ogallala – our nation’s largest […]


Eagle Ford Fracking: Texas Doing Little To Protect Residents From Pollution

An eight-month investigation by the Center for Public Integrity, InsideClimate News and The Weather Channel reveals Texas has done next to nothing to protect people in the Eagle Ford’s booming shale play from rising industry pollution. This is a must-read investigative piece. Key findings are included below along with a […]


Earthquakes & Fracking: By The Numbers

Earthquakes have been linked to hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” for years now. To put it simply, the injection of millions upon millions of gallons of waste fluids from fracking operations greases geologic faults deep underground. When Arkansas experienced a whopping 157 earthquakes in 2011 seemingly out of blue — with […]


Mi’kmaq Warrior Society Shuts Down Houston Fracking Company

“Even the corporate monsters are envious of what we have, because we have all the love…” More information at Halifax Media Co-op.

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Eagle Ford’s Fracking Dumping Ground Learning To Stick Up For Itself

Frio County, Texas, Struggles with Fracking’s Leftovers (First published at the Texas Observer.) On a gravel road in rural Frio County, sheriff’s deputies are doing something they never thought they would—enforcing state environmental laws in the oilpatch. The truck drivers they were ticketing were certainly surprised. “No, I don’t understand,” a […]


Fracking Texas, Recycling ‘Flowback,’ & Water Contamination

Billions of gallons of water are wasted each year to fracture shale formations around the country and free trapped oil and gas. After the water is shot down a well, it returns to the surface heavily contaminated with hydrocarbons, fracking chemicals, heavy metals, and radioactivity. After the oil and gas […]