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Fact-Checking Lamar Smith

Unpacking the National Climate Assessment and its call for urgent climate action. The summer of 2011 should have been a wake-up call for Texans. Not only was there a withering heat driven, in part, by human-caused climate change (remember those record-breaking 40 consecutive days of 100-plus temperatures?) but a crippling drought […]


Storm the Crossroads: How the Fracking ‘Revolution’ Gambles Our Already-Tenuous Future

We idle at a crossroads. It’s a harried intersection, to be sure, at a twilight hour. From one direction flow the rail cars of explosive oil, streams of latticed drilling rigs, water-sucking, chemical-spuming trucks, and the promise of mined Canadian oil sands snaking over the Ogallala – our nation’s largest […]

Constance Okollet

Lone Star Green: ‘Wise Women’ Deliver Stories From Climate Change’s Front Lines

With the release of yet another report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change chronicling the dangers our planet is steaming toward, it’s easy to forget that global warming is already damaging lands and injuring people worldwide. While the human impact from the recent uptick in billion-dollar disasters in the […]

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Solar Must Power 10 Percent Of World Needs By 2025

Despite the U.S.’s failure to sign on to the Kyoto Protocol all these years, many U.S. cities have pledged to chart a course for 20-percent renewable power by 2020. However, even these cities will have to considerably ramp up their solar supply to meet a new call for a massive […]

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IPCC: Humans Wrecking The Planet; Humans: /Shrug/

The most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report’s summary for policy makers (pdf) released today — the first installment of the UN-affiliated body’s fifth report — is in many ways exactly what one would expect: a further tightening of what we already knew. The takeaway at Twitter speed? The world is […]