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Anti-pipeline action in West Texas
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North Dakota: Stop the War on Journalists

[An adapted version of this post has since been published at Indian Country Today.] SEJ joins organizations condemning the intimidation of journalists at Standing Rock It’s the First Amendment: one of the earliest signals of the newly formed United States promising the federal government would not steamroll the interests of […]


Journalists could do more to create a culture of peace

Johan Galtung We want journalists to do that, give us the state of the world, from one “trouble spot”–arenas of past-present-future violence–to the other. Not to mirror the world, but to make it more transparent.  What questions should they ask to do a good job, below the surface? For key […]


‘After Depression’ Takes on Mental Illness Stigma

“Depression advances along a million unique tracks shrouded behind a gallery of distortions,” opens ‘After Depression,’ my new book about mental illness and the burgeoning world of magnet-based brain therapies. “It sails to mind from an unfamiliar distance, picking apart confidence and undermining relationships as it weaves its way through one’s […]

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Eco Realism: What Your Newspaper Should Look Like

Last night a friend and fellow committed lover of the earth our home invited me to sit on a committee for a local environmental advocacy organization. Why not? I’m an advocate of stopping the rapid dismantling of the planet’s life-support systems, of arresting the extinction crisis, reining in climate change, […]