nuke fight whack-a-moley

The ad is scare-your-pants-off serious. I don’t know what the budget for the campaign sits at or where this sucker ran, but it certainly was on par — or approaching parity with — those fullpage “filthy coal” ads that preceded the Guv Perry ass-kicking protests that shot down coal-plant fast-tracking in the state. Will we ever see the same come from the anti-nuking efforts of a rapidly coalescing assortment of regional critics?

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non-proliferation (re)fissions

While Iran brays against the extension of nuclear trade between the United States and India, voices elsewhere, including the United Arab Emirates have been more encouraging. UAE leaders have reasons to cheer – perhaps chief among them is the hope that proliferation of such trade suggests their own nuclear-power ambitions will be welcomed by the international community as well.

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pimpin’ perry

Rick Perry traveled to Los Angeles to lay out his energy plan for Texas. I’m just amazed. Not that Perry — along with Governors across the windy Plains states — see the bonanza to be had in wind energy (or that they continue to give short shrift to sun), but that the only counterpoint offered to Perry’s pimping for more nuclear investment came from our dear Karen Hadden up at SEED. I guess our girl has finally arrived (or Smitty was busy).

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coleman & co.

Lord knows, I have paid my dues arguing climate science with entrenched and avowed deniers of human-induced climate change, or this here global warming. This past week I got tangled in another thread where the host raised the spectre of climate change but tried to keep the course of conversation on his topic of choice, chiefly the need to go nuclear.

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wired wanks off

Just as I was beginning to enjoy Wired again, they pulled a horrendous bait-and-switch with one of those overdone “everything you thought you knew about environmentalism is wrong” feature assemblage of featurettes. Stark reverse text is scrawled over a safety orange and lime cover.

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caught in the act

Why is this man filming me?

What about his buddy in the Ranger with the viewfinder glued to his eye?

Several men with digital recorders and hard hats took part in a digitized stand-off Saturday as a group of about 20 uranium-curious amateur photographers toured mining operations outside Kingsville sans invitation.

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