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Rolling Coal: American Racism Feeds Climate Inaction

Researchers have thoroughly investigated the link between ideology and attitudes toward climate change, finding that conservatives are significantly more likely to reject climate science, not because they misapprehend the facts, but because they are taking their cues from conservative elites, many of whom have close ties to the fossil fuel industry.

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‘Fierce Resistance’ Promised after Dakota Access Approved

Without court injunction, construction that would tunnel beneath Standing Rock Sioux’s primary source of drinking water could begin within 24 hours The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Tuesday said it has notified Congress that it plans to grant Energy Transfer Partners the final easement to build the Dakota Access […]


Conservation Rush: Do Marine Protected Areas Work?

Kirsten Grorud-Colvert, Oregon State University and Jane Lubchenco, Oregon State University What lies beneath the deep, dark expanse of the ocean is something that has fascinated sailors, fishermen, adventurers, poets and explorers for centuries. How could residents of New England, for instance, have known that beneath the coastal waters lies […]


COP22: From Marrakeck with Hope

Via Donald A. Brown, Ethics & Climate I arrived in Marrakech on Thursday am, November 10 just as the news of the election of Donald Trump was hitting the world like a large meteor hitting the Atlantic Ocean. I had come to Marrakech to participate in international climate negotiations to […]

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Obama Says “Let It Play Out” at Standing Rock For Now

Representatives of more than 300 tribal nations and allies who have gathered at Standing Rock in North Dakota protesting the construction of Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners’ Dakota Access Pipeline across Treaty Lands have long called on President Obama to intervene. While the U.S. Justice Department paused construction at the critical […]


Rwanda FTW: ‘Supercharged’ Greenhouse Gas on Way Out

Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are considered a “supercharged” greenhouse gas–shorter lived than the carbon dioxide, the most prolific greenhouse, but nearly 4,000 times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere when measured over a five-year timeframe. Used in air conditioners, insulating foam, and even data center cooling systems, they were developed […]

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Child of Aleppo: ‘He will be my brother’

A reminder here that there is a time before self-interest and fear comes to rule over our hearts. A time before self-preservation seizes our sense of morality and friendship. A time called childhood. Yesterday, the White House released news of a six-year-old boy who wrote to President Obama offering a […]


LONE STAR GREEN: Climate change denial and Lamar Smith’s magical unicorn ride

The early Greeks knew a thing or two about unicorns. With elephant feet and a boar’s tail, these “Indian asses” were said to have a single horn that offered protection from deadly drugs. These days, the unicorn has devolved to a candy-colored rainbow-riding cultural meme heralding the most fantastical and […]

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‘Toxic Triangle’ Residents Refuse To Go Quietly On Anniversary Of Kelly Closure

A dozen years since the closing of Kelly Air Force Base, ailing residents and community activists gathered to decry contamination, injustice. Victor San Miguel presents a proud and defiant image outside the entrance of Port San Antonio, formerly Kelly Air Force Base, site one of the nation’s worst toxic contaminations. […]


Nuclear Waste Dump Push and Texas

Nuclear energy may be on the ropes post Fukushima’s explosive meltdowns, but 70 years of U.S. bomb and power plant waste doesn’t dissipate so easily. Despite federal promises to the power industry to dispose of their highly toxic, long-lived poisons — and despite utilities collecting more than $25 billion in […]