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Mount Rushmore

How to Co-opt an Indigenous Struggle

The big fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota by a now-estimated 300-odd indigenous nations and tribes and allies can be viewed from many perspectives. Perhaps the least helpful or accurate interpretation is one that seeks to explain the contest through the lens of Western environmentalism. The Washington […]

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Today: Standing Rock Protests Across Texas

Texas peeps: It is not too late to join Standing Rock solidarity actions in your community, many of which will be holding space till 8pm tonight. San Antonio : Moved to Travis Park. Hemisphair Park 434 S. Alamo St San Antonio, TX, 78205… See other locations below.


Standoff at the Lajitas Resort

Anti-pipeline action targets Kelcy Warren’s borderland hideout LAJITAS, Texas—There may have been a snarling dog in the patrol truck in the play-Western “town” of the Lajitas Golf Resort, but it was an Indian dog, the deputy said. As for the man waving an American Indian Movement flag near the main […]

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How to Stand with Standing Rock (Armchair Edition)

I’m just back from Big Bend where about 200 marched on the Trans-Pecos Pipeline outside Alpine, Texas, on Friday. Two days after that, a smaller group of us showed up at Kelcy Warren’s multi-million-dollar Lajitas Resort on the Rio Grande to carry that message a little further. But by Monday, […]

"Truckload of Art," Camp Bosworth

Controlled Burn: Fire, Pipelines & Defending Big Bend

ALPINE, Texas—There are flames rising on the highway, erupting from the bowels of an overturned semi. Black, oily smoke roils into the sky. A bearded Jehovah cradles the driver in speckled clouds opposite that oily smoke. It’s a “Truckload of Art,” a wood-and-paint creation of Marfa artist Camp Bosworth and […]


A Message from West Texas


Standing Rock: New Life to Old Struggles

The teeth marks of attack dogs and the pepper-sprayed faces of indigenous land defenders in North Dakota are fresh on the minds of dozens of dancers gathered on the stone plaza in front of the Alamo. Tying on rattling ayoyote-seed leg bands and colorful feathers, members of two San Antonio […]

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March on Trans-Pecos Pipeline Friday

Support for the water protectors at Standing Rock fighting construction of Energy Transfer’s Dakota Access Pipeline Project has begun to overflow to home-state struggles like the year-long contest between Big Benders and a planned 148-mile pipe intended to move West Texas gas into northern Mexico. This week, members of the […]


Herbal Medics to lead Standing Rock Med Clinic

San Antonio-based Herbal Medics, an outgrowth of The Human Path survival-skills school run by Sam Coffman, a former U.S. Special Forces Medic, has been tapped to develop and lead operations of a medical clinic at Standing Rock, according to Coffman. The team went to Standing Rock more than a week ago […]


Standing Rock: AIM Central Texas carrying supplies north

A group from American Indian Movement, Central Texas chapter, pulled out of San Antonio last night with two trailers and a truck bed full of supplies for the water protectors’ Sacred Stone encampment at Standing Rock. Piles of tents and sleeping bags, camp stoves and cots, mostly collected by Austin […]


Voices: #SATX Energy Transfer action

Around 20 area residents gathered outside Energy Transfer Partners offices in San Antonio, Texas, today to stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux in their struggle against the Dakota Access pipeline. Dallas-based ETP is a majority partner in the project along with Sunoco Logistics, whose Nederland, Texas, refinery is […]


Standing Rock solidarity action at Alamo Plaza, San Antonio

Standing Rock solidarity action at Alamo, Plaza, San Antonio, September 10, 2016. #NoDAPL #NoDAPLSolidarity #StopDAPL #NoTransPecosPL #WaterIsLife #AyoyotesOnTheGround #SacredStoneCamp #StayWoke http://www.facebook.com/AmeyaltonalTejaztlan