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Kairos Seeking Equity Fellows for Paid ‘Civic Tech’ Training

The Spring 2018 Kairos Fellowship Equity Cohort is an eight month paid on-the-job training program for emerging leaders of color in the field of civic technology. Kairos, an ancient Greek word, refers to “the right or opportune moment for action.” In recent years, we have witnessed inspiring movements for human […]


Conservation Rush: Do Marine Protected Areas Work?

Kirsten Grorud-Colvert, Oregon State University and Jane Lubchenco, Oregon State University What lies beneath the deep, dark expanse of the ocean is something that has fascinated sailors, fishermen, adventurers, poets and explorers for centuries. How could residents of New England, for instance, have known that beneath the coastal waters lies […]

William McDonough

SXSW Eco: Encounters with Visionaries & Techno-Fetishists

AUSTIN, Texas—This week, at SXSW Eco, a prominent conference bringing together sustainable business leaders, planners, and others, there are innumerable sessions devoted to startup businesses, socially conscious consumption, “bio-based economies,” genetic engineering, and synthetic materials. It is, by and large, a tech conference targeting industry- and city-scale innovations intended to […]


Good Robot! The Upside to Automation

Sure, robots might kill us. They also could rescue us from land mines, natural disasters and collapsing buildings. Aerial drones can be used to locate disaster survivors – or to pepper-spray protesters. Their earthbound robotic cousins can help rescue victims of events like a building’s collapse – or make fresh […]


Technology Is Ready For Synthetic Foods. Are You?

Driverless cars? Half of all Americans would climb aboard. Brain implants? Nearly 30% are open-minded. In-vitro meat grown in a laboratory? Hold the burger. Only two out of 10 Americans are willing to give lab meat – animal tissue grown without a living host – a go, according to a […]