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Solar Must Power 10 Percent Of World Needs By 2025

Despite the U.S.’s failure to sign on to the Kyoto Protocol all these years, many U.S. cities have pledged to chart a course for 20-percent renewable power by 2020. However, even these cities will have to considerably ramp up their solar supply to meet a new call for a massive […]

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IPCC: Humans Wrecking The Planet; Humans: /Shrug/

The most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report’s summary for policy makers (pdf) released today — the first installment of the UN-affiliated body’s fifth report — is in many ways exactly what one would expect: a further tightening of what we already knew. The takeaway at Twitter speed? The world is […]

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Eagle Ford’s Fracking Dumping Ground Learning To Stick Up For Itself

Frio County, Texas, Struggles with Fracking’s Leftovers (First published at the Texas Observer.) On a gravel road in rural Frio County, sheriff’s deputies are doing something they never thought they would—enforcing state environmental laws in the oilpatch. The truck drivers they were ticketing were certainly surprised. “No, I don’t understand,” a […]

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Lone Star Green: Population blame excuses our failures, discounts our creativity

When The Population Bomb exploded on the scene in 1968 with breathless warnings that humans were breeding themselves into a global environmental catastrophe, it got a lot of people talking about the earth’s finite resources for the first time. It also launched many heated public discussions about ways to force […]

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‘Dirty’ Deely Coal Plant Explosion Punctuates Rate-Hike Debate In SA

Greg Harman An explosion at a San Antonio power plant this week either bolstered the utility’s case for rate hikes to keep up with infrastructure maintenance demands or those of some critics who say the aged J.T. Deely coal plant — scheduled for decommissioning ahead of schedule in 2018 — […]


CPS Energy Rate-Hike Hearing, Climate Change, & Keystone XL Protest

Upcoming and imminent events related to the sustainable path in San Antonio… Tonight: Public hearing on CPS Energy’s proposed rate hike The first in what is likely to be a series of rate hikes in San Antonio by CPS Energy gets an airing at a public hearing tonight. Here’s CPS […]

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Population Aplomb: Real Ecological Disaster Is In Oprah’s Purse

Carolyn Lochhead opens her recent sprawling indictment of human population growth as the driver of global environmental destabilization with a raft of Texas-specific statistics. Strung together with hardly a verb or adjective to buffer the cold facts, it imparts an unshakeable sense of despair: “196 endangered or threatened species, severe […]


LONE STAR GREEN: Texas Lawmakers Sleep As Future Storms Gather Strength

Five years ago, Hurricane Ike – one of the costliest storms in U.S. history – plowed into Galveston Bay chewing through $29 billion in homes, businesses, roads, and bridges. It further punished the Texas economy to the tune of $142 billion in the year of recovery that followed, according to […]

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South Texas Project One Of The Most Vulnerable U.S. Nuclear Reactors

Years ago I had a semi-public disagreement (as much as Twitter snipes can be considered “public”) with another SA writer about what I considered the San Antonio Express-News‘ failure to consider worst-case radiological-release scenarios during the proposed (and since failed) expansion of the South Texas Project nuclear complex on the Texas Gulf […]


LONE STAR GREEN: Climate change denial and Lamar Smith’s magical unicorn ride

The early Greeks knew a thing or two about unicorns. With elephant feet and a boar’s tail, these “Indian asses” were said to have a single horn that offered protection from deadly drugs. These days, the unicorn has devolved to a candy-colored rainbow-riding cultural meme heralding the most fantastical and […]


Lamar Smith, Abused Unicorns, & Denialism’s Bloody History

When Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was published in 1962, it was clear to anyone who looked closely that the widespread and indiscriminate spraying of pesticides like DDT was doing more than cutting down targeted species like the gypsy moth and boll weevil. Beneficial insects, livestock, fish, birds, and people — […]


Fracking Texas, Recycling ‘Flowback,’ & Water Contamination

Billions of gallons of water are wasted each year to fracture shale formations around the country and free trapped oil and gas. After the water is shot down a well, it returns to the surface heavily contaminated with hydrocarbons, fracking chemicals, heavy metals, and radioactivity. After the oil and gas […]