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mission verde air quality panel

Ozone, Coal, and Efficiency in San Antonio: EDF’s Elena Craft Elaborates

I haven’t had time to follow up with Elena Craft (right), health scientist with the Environmental Defense Fund’s Austin office, who served to keep a recent air-quality panel at San Antonio’s Rackspace on point about certain local and state-level policy failings responsible for fouling our shared respirable resource. I had intended to reach […]

victor san miguel

‘Toxic Triangle’ Residents Refuse To Go Quietly On Anniversary Of Kelly Closure

A dozen years since the closing of Kelly Air Force Base, ailing residents and community activists gathered to decry contamination, injustice. Victor San Miguel presents a proud and defiant image outside the entrance of Port San Antonio, formerly Kelly Air Force Base, site one of the nation’s worst toxic contaminations. […]

climate protest

Climate Activism and Mental Resiliency: Strategies for Keeping On Keeping On

Responding emotionally and honestly to the sometimes overwhelming challenges of our times takes an inevitable toll. Sometimes the psychological distress that builds inside us as our knowledge of the ramifications of our destabilized climate system grows is eased by action. Participating in a public protest can be experienced as a […]


Border Wall Efforts Resisted By Retired Border Patrol Association (& Nature)

I know folks in Texas have had their attention diverted of late by Perry y Co.’s war on reproductive rights, but the goings-on in our Texas Capitol’s roiling rotunda haven’t slowed federal efforts to complete the Security State’s conquest of the U.S.-Mexico borderland. Despite the collapse of illegal immigration, Republicans […]


Climate Change To Cause More Energy Breakdowns: Solar & Energy Security

I’m wagering that only the most determined readers — those already committed to social justice and the rapid transformation of our energy system — found their way to the other side of my 5,500-word feature for Texas Climate News. For those of you who only pecked at the surface of […]

fracking diagram

Fracking the Eagle Ford Poses Serious Air-Quality Challenge for San Antonio

You can call it bragging rights. For years, San Antonio policy makers and elected leaders have made a lot of hay out of the fact that San Antonio was one of the last large cities in the United States still in compliance with federal ozone standards. That appears to be […]


Houston Doctor Honored by Obama as a ‘Champion’ of Climate Change Education

One of Texas’ own was honored by the White House this week as one of 11 “champions of change.” Climate change education, more specifically, in this case. According to NBC  Latino, Puerto Rico-born and Houston-based pediatrician Dr. Susan Pacheco has been working to educate people about the growing threat of […]

strip mine

Coal as ‘Savior’? Sins of Omission Cloud the Story of Big Brown’s Town

“Dread,” read the headline about the East Texas coal belt and proposed federal climate regulations. Finally, I thought. Finally an appropriate response from the coal industry. Obama insists new climate regs are finally coming to the nation’s coal plants. Cue up the rows of tiny violins and pass out the black […]

native american dance

LONE STAR GREEN: Human Rights, Human Responsibilities

Everything I ever needed to know about the meaning of liberty, I learned from a flower-selling hippy on a Fort Worth street corner. Travelin’ Terry was an unabashed champion of liberal values in an intensely conservative town. His long reddish hair and full beard interrupted the wild patterns of his […]


Border Wall: Which Side (Of The Fence) Are You On?

It’s been five years since I traveled the Rio Grande across Texas for my project, Muro del Odio, on the then proposed border wall. Thankfully others continue to fight the wall and continued militarization of the border by raising public awareness. Here’s one of the latest such efforts offering some July Fourth […]


Solar, As If The Poor Mattered

When CPS Energy, San Antonio’s publicly-owned utility, mailed out letters to the owners of solar-sporting homes in early April announcing that it was considering a program that would cut payments for sun-derived energy nearly in half – from 9.7 cents per kilowatt hour to roughly 5.6 cents – residents were […]

Re-Natured San Anto

Martinez Creek Sewer Line May Limit Green Makeover Of Westside Creeks

Decades after channelizing vast lengths of San Antonio’s rivers and creeks as means of controlling floodwaters, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers engaged with the City of San Antonio and Bexar County in the ecological restoration of 8 miles of the San Antonio River south of downtown along what has […]