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Women and children of the Carterets Islands

PODCAST: Beating 1.5 Degrees Imperative for Island States

Rising king tides, saltwater intrusion, and hunger are increasingly the stamp of global warming across islands such as the Carterets. But increasingly aggressive climate goals, such as those under development in San Antonio, Texas, are a cause for hope for the islands of the world. Greg Harman At the conclusion […]

urban garden

PODCAST: CAAP & San Antonio’s Food Revolution

 Rising temperatures, stronger storms, depleting global fertilizer supplies all mean extractive industrial agriculture is going to take a big hit from climate change. As the City’s first climate plan percolates, a local foods revolution continues to quietly gather steam in San Antonio. Join the Alamo Group of the Sierra […]

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ATTEND: SA’s Climate Plan Could Hide Tons of Emissions

San Antonio is one of the last large cities in the United States to get serious about climate change. But a plan now being developed is wide-ranging and potentially very serious indeed. More than 70 volunteers (PDF) in San Antonio have been appointed to help officials with the City of […]

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No Such Thing As a Climate Plan With A Coal Plant

With ‘Dirty’ Deely’s retirement nearing, San Antonio’s CPS Energy hosting a hearing on keeping Spruce burning past 2040. Greg Harman SAN ANTONIO—Lumbering through the Earth Day throngs at Woodlawn Lake in April, the soot-stained “coal monster” pleaded his case. Here were booths about solar energy, tables with native plants, and […]

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Sept. 8, 2018: ‘Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice’

Push back against Trump anti-worker, anti-planet agenda this fall by demanding a ‘just transition’ to a 100-percent renewable economy and millions of ‘family-sustaining jobs.’ Jessica Corbett Commons Dreams The Peoples Climate Movement (PCM) has announced its next mass mobilization: Advocates across the globe plan to take to the streets on […]

San Antonio artist Mary Agnes Rodriguez represents at historic climate justice rally last summer during the city's mayor runoff election. Image: Vanessa Ramos

Climate Action, San Antonio? Round Two Starts Next Week

Time to start gargling your ethically sourced chamomile and honey tea. On Monday, the second round of sit-down meetings for the various Climate Action and Adaptation Plan technical working groups and their steering committee gets underway.