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San Antonio’s Great Wall (A Trump Mystery Post)

Everybody knows that walls work. You look at different places they put up a wall, no problem. You look at San Antonio. You look at so many different places. They go from one of the most unsafe cities in the country to one of the safest cities, immediately, immediately.” El […]

The Magic of Lanterns 2011

China’s Censors Duped By Lantern Festival Riddles

Riddle Me This: How Chinese netizens outwitted China’s Cyberspace Administration with Lantern Festival Riddles. Oiwan Lam 浮世三千, 吾愛有三。 日,月與卿。 日為朝,月為暮, 卿為朝朝暮暮。 I love three things in this world. Sun, Moon and You. Sun for morning, Moon for night, And you forever. The above poem was circulated on one of my […]


‘Fake News’ Got you Down? Try Not Thinking

Cristina Orsini In 2017, the term “fake news” was used 365 percent more often than in 2016, earning the award for “Word of the Year” by the Collins Dictionary. Yet, fake news remains one of those highly politicized terms that gain popularity in the public discourse, while few agree on […]

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Climate Deniers are Not Little Galileos. Here’s Why.

The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change: How is it measured and what it means. Ray Weymann/Central Coast Climate Science It is frequently said that “97 percent of climate scientists agree that the climate is changing, due mostly to human activities,” or words to that effect. I recently received email from […]


The White Nationalist Who Came to Dinner

He was groomed from childhood to one day be a key leader in the white nationalist movement. Then, after being outed at his liberal arts college as a racist streaming-radio personality and son of a one-time KKK Grand Wizard, students were left debating how they should respond. Most were not […]


Standing Rock: New Life to Old Struggles

The teeth marks of attack dogs and the pepper-sprayed faces of indigenous land defenders in North Dakota are fresh on the minds of dozens of dancers gathered on the stone plaza in front of the Alamo. Tying on rattling ayoyote-seed leg bands and colorful feathers, members of two San Antonio […]


Aleppo: Time for Food Drones

Regarding to humanitarian disaster in Aleppo, Anthony Judge asks a vital question this week: “If no [governmental] authorization is required for destructive bombing, why is authorization required for ‘food bombing’?” From Laetus in Praesens: Media coverage of the dramatic humanitarian situation in Aleppo repeatedly makes the case for the inability […]


Fact-Checking Lamar Smith

Unpacking the National Climate Assessment and its call for urgent climate action. The summer of 2011 should have been a wake-up call for Texans. Not only was there a withering heat driven, in part, by human-caused climate change (remember those record-breaking 40 consecutive days of 100-plus temperatures?) but a crippling drought […]


Global Warming Is Good For Us?

Even as climate change science has tightened to a certainty, we’re witnessing the return of denialist ‘zombie arguments.’ Just over a decade ago, US Senator James Inhofe helped derail early bipartisan efforts to cap greenhouse gas emissions. His now-infamous 12,000-word, science-distorting speech concluded with a warning that international efforts to […]