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EP03: Human Path flu-fighting plants, Ceiba Ili songs to rise up

Deceleration‘s third broadcast for the Covid-19 era in San Antonio includes a healing plant walk with Human Path founder and director Sam Coffman … conversation with Ceiba Ili about the recovery of indigenous identity (and great musical offerings) … and reveals the City of San Antonio’s continued harassment of birds […]


Ding, Dong, Deely’s Dead

Cracking open the champagne at Calaveras Lake in San Antonio, Texas, to celebrate: One more lung-clogging, brain-poisoning, planet-heating coal plant is dead. … And Happy New Year! Via NEWS4SA: SAN ANTONIO – With about a dozen environmentally conscious friends, Councilwoman Ana Sandoval was part of an impromptu champagne party Monday […]

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USDA Putting ‘Mmmmmm’ in GMO

Proposal Replaces ‘GMO’ with ‘Bioengineered’ on Labels, but USDA Asking Public for a Definition. Andrea Germanos The public comment period is now open on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s just unveiled proposal for food labeling of products using GMOs—a plan that would have labels without the words “genetically modified” or […]


World Water Day: Taking ‘Waste’ out of Wastewater

Jennifer Weeks, The Conversation Editor’s note: The following is a roundup of archival stories. Every year on March 22, the United Nations observes World Water Day to highlight the global water crisis. This year the focus is on reducing and reusing wastewater from homes, farms, factories and other sources. Ensuring […]

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Trump Attack Shames the Mentally Ill

This is not about Donald Trump. It’s about the language we use talking about mental illness. It’s been a long, ugly march out of the “madhouses” of American history. But for those millions who suffer from conditions like depression, obsession-compulsive disorder, or ADHD, the playground taunting, the workplace sneers, and […]


Herbal Medics to lead Standing Rock Med Clinic

San Antonio-based Herbal Medics, an outgrowth of The Human Path survival-skills school run by Sam Coffman, a former U.S. Special Forces Medic, has been tapped to develop and lead operations of a medical clinic at Standing Rock, according to Coffman. The team went to Standing Rock more than a week ago […]


Healing Depressions: Considering the Facsimiles of Possibilities

It was one of those Facebook reminders. “Three years ago today…” The time capsule I had unwittingly left myself was an enthusiastic message of wide-open spaces, creativity, optimism. It had been, I can see with even more clarity today, an unusual period of life. I had just completed several months […]


Laboring Within a ‘World of Wounds’

One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds. — Aldo Leopold I recently received a review copy of a book about the relationship between global environmental crisis and individual and societal mental health/illness. As a person both committed to living […]


‘After Depression’ Takes on Mental Illness Stigma

“Depression advances along a million unique tracks shrouded behind a gallery of distortions,” opens ‘After Depression,’ my new book about mental illness and the burgeoning world of magnet-based brain therapies. “It sails to mind from an unfamiliar distance, picking apart confidence and undermining relationships as it weaves its way through one’s […]


Selfish Monologue: On Reassessing Committments & Refining Attentions

Yesterday, I sent out my fourth email newsletter since devoting myself full time to the freelance life four months ago. I wrote: Daniel Katz (right), co-founder of the Rainforest Alliance, chastised the national green groups at SXSW ECO last week for failing to network in the nation’s grassroots organizations — […]