Game Over? Nobel Laureates Decry Climate Denial Agenda

Tabulating the amount of carbon stored in the Canadian tar sands, retired NASA climate scientist James Hansen said the burning of that tarry storehouse while continuing a business-as-usual petroleum-powered agenda would mean “game over” for planet earth. A coalition of climate activists, concerned Midwestern growers, and Native peoples beat back […]


This is How Fast the Arctic is Melting

On September 10th, the Arctic hit its annual summertime ice minimum. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, it was the second lowest summertime low since satellite record-keeping began. And as a series of new visualizations show, this trend is not going anywhere. The Arctic is the fastest-warming […]


Lamar Smith, Abused Unicorns, & Denialism’s Bloody History

When Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was published in 1962, it was clear to anyone who looked closely that the widespread and indiscriminate spraying of pesticides like DDT was doing more than cutting down targeted species like the gypsy moth and boll weevil. Beneficial insects, livestock, fish, birds, and people — […]

border crosser

Border Walls As Murder: On Climate Change, Migration, & Misdirection

Back in 2010, I wrote of the potential of sustained ignorance about climate change to become so willful that it “becomes criminal.” Back then Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was only a high-profile obstructionist making his living suing the federal government to, among other things, stop the regulation of greenhouse gases […]

texas sea level rise

Sea-Level Rise in Texas: Science & Self-Censorship In An Age of Urgency

A new report on the dangers of accelerating sea-level rise along the Texas Gulf Coast from a coalition of leading scientists and state research institutions is a call to action. However, while the report “The Risk of Rising Sea Level: Texas Universities Ready and Able to Help Coastal Communities Adapt” (pdf), pulls […]


Beyond Climate: Anthropocene Demands Action on Spiking Global Inequalities

Beware of plutocrats speaking of Spaceship Earth — Eddie Yuen LAWRENCE, Kansas — The “great acceleration” of our global environmental crisis — one so often condensed into the language of climate change and prescribed a restorative diet of local organic food, shuttering of polluting coal plants, and minor personal austerities […]