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Vets Have Long Been Leaders of US Peace Movement

Michael Messner If President Donald Trump had gotten his way, the nation would have celebrated the centennial of the World War I armistice last year on Nov. 11 with a massive military parade in Washington, D.C. But that didn’t happen. When the Pentagon announced the president’s decision to cancel the […]


‘Everyday Resistance’ and the Crisis of the Left

In the emerging field of resistance studies, Stellan Vinthagen draws on the knowledge and experiences of “professors of the street.” Sarah Freeman-Woolpert Waging Nonviolence Stellan Vinthagen is no ordinary professor. Dividing his time between the intellectual hub of UMass Amherst and dozens of radical resistance camps around the world, Vinthagen […]

antifa: anti-nazi graffiti

Review: Antifa Violence Hinders Fight Against Fascism

Sue Curry Jansen & Brian Martin In March, Richard Spencer, a prominent white supremacist, cancelled his speaking engagements at U.S. universities, saying he was deterred by “antifa,” a loose international network of radical anti-fascist groups that aims to shut down far-right talks and rallies. For antifa members and supporters, Spencer’s […]

International Womens Day in Egypt

IWD: Nonviolent Resistance Training is Critical

With international Woman’s Day here, we must recognize that successful campaigns of nonviolent resistance do not materialize over night.


Violins Over Violence: Why Creative Nonviolence Still Wins

QUITO, Ecuador—Within the first few months of the CIA-backed overthrow of Chilean socialist president Salvador Allende, an estimated 40,000 people had been detained by the military and police. General Augusto Pinochet, who seized power with the promise of “national reconstruction,” quickly oversaw the killing of thousands. Others were simply “disappeared.” […]


Why Defeating Trump Demands Nonviolence

Kazu Haga/Waging Nonviolence I admit, I laughed a little too. When I first saw videos of white nationalist Richard Spencer getting punched by a protester, I thought it was funny. And even now, I’m not exactly shedding a tear for him. I certainly pray that the attempts to find and […]