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Talking Jobs: Pipelines Don’t Just Threaten The Water

Sure, pipelines are good for oil companies, but what about jobs related to preserving nature and culture? Chip Colwell, University of Colorado Denver On his fourth day as U.S. president, Donald Trump penned executive orders to advance construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline Project pipeline and the Keystone XL pipeline. […]


Protectors: We Want Parks, Not Pipelines (VIDEO)

Calls for ETP CEO Kelcy Warren to resign Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission seat fill chamber. The “pipeline cowboy,” as Bloomberg News describes Energy Transfer Partners’ CEO Kelcy Warren, should be looking for other work, said more than 50 Texas residents who descended upon a Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission […]


White House Pipeline Push a War on Treaty Rights, Climate

Trump claims Keystone XL represents 28,000 jobs, multiplying most likely impact by 10 times, in latest ‘alternative fact’ peddled to American people President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed executive orders advancing the controversial Keystone XL (KXL) and Dakota Access (DAPL) pipelines, prompting cries of outrage and vows of resistance from […]


Contested Texas Pipeline Linked to Mexico’s Climate Pledge

But That’s No Reason Not to Fight Oil & Gas Development on Both Sides of the Rio Grande. Trampling of landowner rights. Failure to consult native tribes. Soiling a cherished Big Bend with oil and gas development. Risk of explosion and fire. All are convincing, and oft-repeated, reasons for opposing […]


New DOE spill response: “Oops!”

Rick Perry, former governor of Texas, two-time presidential candidate, and one-time Dancing With the Stars contestant, is reportedly President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to run the Department of Energy — an agency that in 2012 he forgot existed before vowing to dismantle it. Perry was governor of Texas from 2000 to […]

Standing Rock solidarity action

Defend Big Bend: Indigenous Resistance to Texas Trans-Pecos Pipeline Growing

On Sunday, November 20, members of Defend Big Bend, the Society of Native Nations, and several tribal groups, marched from the Marfa Mystery Lights Viewing Area outside Marfa, Texas, to the construction site of the Trans-Pecos Pipeline. The Standing Rock solidarity march targeted Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners, the force behind […]


Driverless big rigs headed for the highway

In the opening of Steven Spielberg’s 1971 film Duel, an impatient salesman gets stuck behind a rattling, soot-belching tractor-trailer on a lonely stretch of California highway. Just before the truck’s driver is revealed to be a homicidal maniac, the salesman has time to gripe about the vehicle’s billowing emissions. “Talk […]


Galveston Oil Spill: Assessing the Damage

From either an ecological or public relations perspective, the Galveston Bay oil spill in March that released 168,000 gallons of thick, residual oil had the makings of a disaster. The peak spring migration was nearing and birds returning from their Latin American wintering grounds had begun crowding Texas estuaries. A […]


Eagle Ford Fracking: Texas Doing Little To Protect Residents From Pollution

An eight-month investigation by the Center for Public Integrity, InsideClimate News and The Weather Channel reveals Texas has done next to nothing to protect people in the Eagle Ford’s booming shale play from rising industry pollution. This is a must-read investigative piece. Key findings are included below along with a […]


Goodbye to the Horny Toad? A Postcard from Kenedy, Texas

After wresting a semblance of its formerly wild self from the shop-lined canals and flood-control channels of the Alamo City, the San Antonio River winds its way through 60 miles of gently rolling brush country before reaching a “spot of entrancing beauty.” In the center of Karnes County—known best for its […]

Hector Zertuche

Lone Star Green: Policing The Oil Patch

Hector Zertuche’s first environmental crime occurred around 2009 when he discovered a truckload of oilfield drilling muds dumped on the banks of the Nueces River outside Sandia. “We matched the tracks to a nearby resident,” the Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Deputy told me recently. “But we messed up. We cited […]

frio county

Eagle Ford’s Fracking Dumping Ground Learning To Stick Up For Itself

Frio County, Texas, Struggles with Fracking’s Leftovers (First published at the Texas Observer.) On a gravel road in rural Frio County, sheriff’s deputies are doing something they never thought they would—enforcing state environmental laws in the oilpatch. The truck drivers they were ticketing were certainly surprised. “No, I don’t understand,” a […]