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War: COVID-19 Era’s Ultimate ‘Non-Essential’ Activity

United Nations call for ceasefire is silencing weapons around the world … just not where the U.S. is a key combatant. Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies At least 70 countries have signed on to the March 23 call by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres for a worldwide ceasefire […]


Winning on Climate Requires Radical Demilitarization

Why we can’t avert climate catastrophe without demilitarization, dismantling the world’s militarized power structures. Andrew Metheven Over the last few weeks and months, grassroots activism has pushed climate change into the media in the United Kingdom. In particular, the Extinction Rebellion movement has spread from the UK to countries around […]

Mr. de la O
Analysis, San Antonio Bioregion

Decelerator of the Year (Or, Type Slowly)

In the gentle ferocity of Manuel de la O lies a manual for survivance. Marisol Cortez This Solstice of 2019, as the earth sinks into deepest cold and dark, and as we close out San Antonio’s “Decade of Downtown,” we recognize Mr. Manuel de la O as Decelerator of the […]


Vets Have Long Been Leaders of US Peace Movement

Michael Messner If President Donald Trump had gotten his way, the nation would have celebrated the centennial of the World War I armistice last year on Nov. 11 with a massive military parade in Washington, D.C. But that didn’t happen. When the Pentagon announced the president’s decision to cancel the […]


El Paso Shooting: Not Mental Illness, Not Even Guns

What makes El Paso shooting feel different is its utter expectedness, following as it did on the heels of Trump’s racist attacks on Brown and Black Congresswomen, the ominous “send her back” chanting that followed, and the endless, ongoing dehumanization and internment of migrants and children arriving at the US border.


The Courage to Question

Anti-war veterans group, About Face, calls Witte Museum to account over George W. Bush exhibit Marisol Cortez I was living in Northern California when the Bush administration invaded Iraq in spring 2003, and I remember what relief I felt, through my horror and helplessness, that the organized opposition in that […]


Week Five, 2018: Bad Moons, Cedar War, & Owls for Peace

January 30, 2018 A roundup of the day’s headlines. Early risers can bark at the ‘Superbad’ moon It will be full. It will be blue. It will be super. And it will be in total eclipse. In other words: prepare for a “superbad” moon. Best part is you don’t have […]


Pope Francis Statement on ‘Fake News’

Below is Pope Francis’s statement on why building a world of peace and justice requires identifying and working beyond “fake news” and embracing peace journalism. There are timely and vital concepts here for those of faith or non-faith, those who appreciate, are indifferent to, or even opposed to religious doctrine […]


Choosing nonviolence in Yemen

Support the spirit of Ta’iz by demanding a permanent ceasefire and end to all weapon sales Kathy Kelly – TRANSCEND Media Service 31 Dec 2017 – People living now in Yemen’s third largest city, Ta’iz, have endured unimaginable circumstances for the past three years. Civilians fear to go outside lest they […]


ICAN Shines Light During Nuclear Showdown

After being shown an image charting the steadily falling size of the U.S. nuclear arsenal since the height of the Cold War during a meeting with top national security officials in July, President Donald Trump reportedly expressed support for a tenfold expansion of America’s stockpile of nukes—a move critics said […]


In Colombia, the spoilers of peace may not be the veterans of war

Symbols are the superstructure of society. Nations form and crust around creation myths. Wars are executed in pursuit of some (imagined) glorious past. Every person who lives under a flag can identify stories that have bound them to that cloth. We wrap ourselves around identity-defining symbols of a land, an […]


Can Ecuador’s ‘Buen Vivir’ translate in the United States?

With an 8-1 passage of a resolution in support of the landmark Paris Agreement, an international agreement by the global community to work together to solve the climate crisis, San Antonio has proved itself finally ready to take the most pressing global/local issue of our time. With the successful vote […]