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‘Water Activists’ Pushing Back Against Growth, Bad Planning

File under: WTF were we thinking passing Prop 6? Gary Cheatwood grew up near the town of Cuthand, in far northeast Texas, and he always found peace along the wooded banks of Little Mustang Creek. His grandfather had bought 100 acres in 1917 and now Gary’s family owns 600 acres […]


Companies Embrace Rainwater Harvesting Even As U.S. States Go Slow

Texas approved funding for a $50bn water plan, but left out a tool that has been growing in popularity among corporations (First published by Guardian Sustainable Business.) Texas voters last night approved the creation of a water bank expected to fund nearly $30bn in water infrastructure projects in the coming decades. […]

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Lone Star Green: Texas Prop 6 Would Waste Billions Getting The Water Equation Right

For a plan that purports to thoughtfully guide Texas through a more crowded and thirsty future, the 2012 State Water Plan reads unsettlingly like a playbook from the last century: dams to divert already limp river flows, big pipes pumping rural water hundreds of miles to thirsty city centers, and […]


Texas Prop 6: Water Plan Big On Pipes & Cronyism, But Low On Innovation

Though being aggressively sold as the best way to secure adequate water supplies for Texas’ future, Prop 6, to be voted on in Texas on November 5, would fund a very specific vision that can only honestly be called a Big Business, Big Infrastructure response. It is, above all else, […]


Texas Prop 6: Loved by Dow, The Koch Brothers, And The Sierra Club

After more than a decade of virtually ignoring Texas’ growing water infrastructure needs, Rick Perry is guns a-blazing for Prop 6, a plan, if approved by voters on November 5, will funnel $2 billion from the state’s Rainy Day Fund into a newly created State Water Implementation Fund for Texas. The […]