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When the Levee Breaks

Deluge in the Delta Amid California’s Changing Climate by Madi Whaley Never before have I been scared of the rain. As a child, it was always a wonderful surprise, a promise of relief from the hot dry summers of my hometown. Its infrequency coupled with its darkness evoked feelings of […]


Texas Prop 6: Water Plan Big On Pipes & Cronyism, But Low On Innovation

Though being aggressively sold as the best way to secure adequate water supplies for Texas’ future, Prop 6, to be voted on in Texas on November 5, would fund a very specific vision that can only honestly be called a Big Business, Big Infrastructure response. It is, above all else, […]


Texas Prop 6: Loved by Dow, The Koch Brothers, And The Sierra Club

After more than a decade of virtually ignoring Texas’ growing water infrastructure needs, Rick Perry is guns a-blazing for Prop 6, a plan, if approved by voters on November 5, will funnel $2 billion from the state’s Rainy Day Fund into a newly created State Water Implementation Fund for Texas. The […]

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Lone Star Green: ‘Wise Women’ Deliver Stories From Climate Change’s Front Lines

With the release of yet another report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change chronicling the dangers our planet is steaming toward, it’s easy to forget that global warming is already damaging lands and injuring people worldwide. While the human impact from the recent uptick in billion-dollar disasters in the […]


Attendees At Austin Climate Symposium Hear Scientist’s Call To Action

Texas has a tough climate. Throughout human habitation here, people have regularly suffered through extended periods of drought followed by violent flooding and storms. But, with all things being equal, things have always managed to return to something we know as normal. So why should we care about climate change, Katharine Hayhoe, director […]


Lone Star Green: Abbott’s Willful Climate Ignorance Approaches The Criminal

There comes a point that ignorance of the science supporting human-caused climate change becomes so willful that it enters the territory of the criminal – particularly for those with a say in shaping public policy around it. And perhaps nowhere are concerted, smart and rapid responses to this unfolding tragedy […]


Houston Doctor Honored by Obama as a ‘Champion’ of Climate Change Education

One of Texas’ own was honored by the White House this week as one of 11 “champions of change.” Climate change education, more specifically, in this case. According to NBC  Latino, Puerto Rico-born and Houston-based pediatrician Dr. Susan Pacheco has been working to educate people about the growing threat of […]

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Conservation and Desalination: An Alternative Prescription For Texas Water Management

The nation needs $384.2 billion dollars in water infrastructure and development to meet its needs for clean drinking water, according to a recent EPA report to Congress. The figure reflects the fact that the bulk of the nation’s water systems are approaching the end of their life expectancy. The authors of […]