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West Texas Hole May Meet 5K Tons of Radioactive Fuel

By Kiah Collier/Texas Tribune A controversial radioactive waste dump in far West Texas is one step closer to being able to accept high-level nuclear waste. A controversial radioactive waste dump in far West Texas is one step closer to being able to accept high-level nuclear waste. After requesting additional information […]


New DOE spill response: “Oops!”

Rick Perry, former governor of Texas, two-time presidential candidate, and one-time Dancing With the Stars contestant, is reportedly President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to run the Department of Energy — an agency that in 2012 he forgot existed before vowing to dismantle it. Perry was governor of Texas from 2000 to […]

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Lone Star Green: Texas Prop 6 Would Waste Billions Getting The Water Equation Right

For a plan that purports to thoughtfully guide Texas through a more crowded and thirsty future, the 2012 State Water Plan reads unsettlingly like a playbook from the last century: dams to divert already limp river flows, big pipes pumping rural water hundreds of miles to thirsty city centers, and […]


Texas Prop 6: Water Plan Big On Pipes & Cronyism, But Low On Innovation

Though being aggressively sold as the best way to secure adequate water supplies for Texas’ future, Prop 6, to be voted on in Texas on November 5, would fund a very specific vision that can only honestly be called a Big Business, Big Infrastructure response. It is, above all else, […]


Texas Prop 6: Loved by Dow, The Koch Brothers, And The Sierra Club

After more than a decade of virtually ignoring Texas’ growing water infrastructure needs, Rick Perry is guns a-blazing for Prop 6, a plan, if approved by voters on November 5, will funnel $2 billion from the state’s Rainy Day Fund into a newly created State Water Implementation Fund for Texas. The […]


Border Wall Efforts Resisted By Retired Border Patrol Association (& Nature)

I know folks in Texas have had their attention diverted of late by Perry y Co.’s war on reproductive rights, but the goings-on in our Texas Capitol’s roiling rotunda haven’t slowed federal efforts to complete the Security State’s conquest of the U.S.-Mexico borderland. Despite the collapse of illegal immigration, Republicans […]

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Conservation and Desalination: An Alternative Prescription For Texas Water Management

The nation needs $384.2 billion dollars in water infrastructure and development to meet its needs for clean drinking water, according to a recent EPA report to Congress. The figure reflects the fact that the bulk of the nation’s water systems are approaching the end of their life expectancy. The authors of […]


Governor Perry Vetoes Hard-Right Endangered Species Bill

It was an endangered-species bill seemingly made in red-state heaven. The economic engine of Texas first, the myriad unique creatures fashioned by the God of the Bible second (complete with a commissioned study to recommend policies “to defend against the overreaching inclusion of species on the Endangered Species List by […]