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Tearing at the Soul of a Climate Action Plan

As climate hazards grow, CPS Energy’s CEO challenges City Council to a turf war. And they don’t even realize. Greg Harman “Greg, I think you’re being dramatic.” It was the last Steering Committee meeting for San Antonio’s burgeoning Climate Action & Adaptation Plan before the reworked document went out for […]


Cycling: Why cities are getting more dangerous

As cities strive to improve the quality of life for their residents, many are working to promote walking and biking. Such policies make sense, since they can, in the long run, lead to less traffic, cleaner air and healthier people. But the results aren’t all positive, especially in the short to medium term.

Mauro Gil-Fournier

PODCAST: Pocacito Poco A Poco En San Anto

Click play to listen to podcast above. Marisol Cortez & Greg Harman Pocacito—POst-CArbon CIties of TOmorrow—is an initiative of the Washington D.C.-based Ecologic Institute, whose goal is to build trans-Atlantic solidarity and intellectual exchange around local creative efforts for a renewable economy and planet. As part of their “Eight to […]


Is China Really Building An ‘Ecological Civilization’?

China’s leader affirms an ecological vision aligned with progressive environmental thought. Whether it’s mere rhetoric or has a deeper resonance within Chinese culture will have a profound global effect. Jeremy Lent/Common Dreams Imagine a newly elected President of the United States calling in his inaugural speech for an “ecological civilization” […]


World Water Day: Taking ‘Waste’ out of Wastewater

Jennifer Weeks, The Conversation Editor’s note: The following is a roundup of archival stories. Every year on March 22, the United Nations observes World Water Day to highlight the global water crisis. This year the focus is on reducing and reusing wastewater from homes, farms, factories and other sources. Ensuring […]

William McDonough

SXSW Eco: Encounters with Visionaries & Techno-Fetishists

AUSTIN, Texas—This week, at SXSW Eco, a prominent conference bringing together sustainable business leaders, planners, and others, there are innumerable sessions devoted to startup businesses, socially conscious consumption, “bio-based economies,” genetic engineering, and synthetic materials. It is, by and large, a tech conference targeting industry- and city-scale innovations intended to […]


Herbal Medics to lead Standing Rock Med Clinic

San Antonio-based Herbal Medics, an outgrowth of The Human Path survival-skills school run by Sam Coffman, a former U.S. Special Forces Medic, has been tapped to develop and lead operations of a medical clinic at Standing Rock, according to Coffman. The team went to Standing Rock more than a week ago […]


Laboring Within a ‘World of Wounds’

One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds. — Aldo Leopold I recently received a review copy of a book about the relationship between global environmental crisis and individual and societal mental health/illness. As a person both committed to living […]


What Does “Green” Mean? Anything?

Companies like to tout their corporate values, which often include terms such as ‘authentic’ and ‘green’. But what do these words actually mean? … Click to view the online interactive dictionary I put together for the Guardian.


Agenda 21: a conspiracy theory puts sustainability in the crosshairs

Could right-wing attacks on a non-binding UN sustainability resolution put sustainable business at risk in some states? Green space, clean energy, increased urban density…and global dictatorship. It’s hard to see how all of these things could connect, but — according to a popular right wing conspiracy theory — a UN […]


Good Robot! The Upside to Automation

Sure, robots might kill us. They also could rescue us from land mines, natural disasters and collapsing buildings. Aerial drones can be used to locate disaster survivors – or to pepper-spray protesters. Their earthbound robotic cousins can help rescue victims of events like a building’s collapse – or make fresh […]


‘Water Activists’ Pushing Back Against Growth, Bad Planning

File under: WTF were we thinking passing Prop 6? Gary Cheatwood grew up near the town of Cuthand, in far northeast Texas, and he always found peace along the wooded banks of Little Mustang Creek. His grandfather had bought 100 acres in 1917 and now Gary’s family owns 600 acres […]