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Pipelines Kill in Texas, Companies Go Unpunished

The federal government’s pipeline safety watchdog, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, has a set of rules for a little more than 18,000 miles of gathering lines — generally high-pressure lines in populated areas. But another 439,000 miles of pipeline are classified as rural gathering lines and left unregulated. That’s enough to wrap around the Earth more than 17 times.


VIDEO: Indigenous Resistance In An Extraction State

Greg Harman Marisol Cortez writes this week about various ways people can help the Carrizo-Comecrudo Tribe of Texas (Esto’k Gna) resist the construction of the border wall in the Rio Grande Valley. I encourage everyone to check that post out and choose one of the four ways listed to support […]


Children Still Being Seized on the Border

  Immigration lawyers say border agents are again removing children from their parents. The explanation? They’re protecting kids from criminal dads and moms. Immigration advocates say it’s zero tolerance by another name. Ginger Thompson | ProPublica The Trump administration has quietly resumed separating immigrant families at the border, in some […]


Welcome to West Texas: The World’s ‘Extraction Colony’

An unprecedented drilling boom in West Texas’s Permian Basin is great for business. But it’s polluting the air, overwhelming communities and threatening the planet. Kiah Collier, Jamie Smith Hopkins, & Rachel Leven MIDLAND, Texas — Drilling booms have come and gone in this oil town for nearly a century. But […]

United Against Family Separation

For Immigrant Children: Ghost Trains to Tent City

In Dead of Night, Trump Administration Transferring Children to Tent Camp With No Schooling and Limited Legal Services Jake Johnson With detention facilities overflowing due to President Donald Trump’s monstrous immigration policies—which have sent the number of children detained by the U.S. government soaring to a record 12,800—the Trump administration […]

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Anti-nuclear waste tour kicks off in Houston

Organizers of the “Protect Texas from Radioactive Waste Tour” plan to travel to five Texas cities over the next week in protest of a proposed plan to store used nuclear materials in West Texas. Matt Zdun Several Texas organizations gathered in Houston on Tuesday to kick off their “Protect Texas […]

no nuclear waste protest

PODCAST: Nuclear Wastes West Texas

A giant inflatable “cask” urging people to “Say No to Radioactive Waste” is touring Texas this week. It represents the effort of state, national, and international anti-nuclear groups to shut down a proposal to transport high-level radioactive waste from nuclear power plants from around the United States to a West […]


Mayor Backs #OccupyICE Call for SA Police to Stand Down

This morning, San Antonio’s SAPD stopped by the #OccupyICE camp outside a Northside US Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility and warned of imminent arrest for the protestors. Then they drove off. Anxiously awaiting their return, this is the message from “Camp Cicada.” Camp members and supporters are calling on Mayor […]


Climate Plan: Who Controls CPS Energy?

SA climate planners claim lack of ‘operational control’ over City-owned utility excuses millions of tons of pollution. Nearly 40 percent of City-owned CPS Energy’s climate pollution may not be accounted for in the city’s first-ever climate action plan. The Climate Action & Adaption Plan was announced last summer with $500,000 […]

Hurricane Harvey. Image: NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik

Preparing for Texas Hurricane Season

With official start of hurricane season on Friday, people along the Texas coast should consider buying insurance, packing an emergency supply kit and learning their evacuation routes now. Alex Samuels Texas Tribune Hey, Texplainer: How can I prepare for the upcoming hurricane season? Hurricane season is coming — and it […]


VIDEO: Gentrification Looms over Downtown SATX

Stand with Soap Works & Towne Center tenants-rights group is raising the voices of the city’s most vulnerable residents being torn by gentrification. Greg Harman In San Antonio, there have been winners and losers during the “Decade of Downtown” first trumpeted by former mayor and one-time U.S. HUD Secretary Julián […]


Will SA’s Comprehensive Plan Scrap Community Rights?

Via NOWCastSA.com In direct contradiction of a city ordinance and the promise of the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan, city staffers are systematically eliminating long-standing neighborhood plans designed to protect the character and future of San Antonio’s urban core communities. The news came as an unwelcome surprise to city council members […]