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TAKE ACTION: “Remain in Mexico” Witnesses Needed

Interfaith Welcome Coalition invites people of conscience to a powerful action that begins this Sunday, January 12, and continues “until the policy of MPP [Migrant Protection Protocols] is reversed and asylum rights restored.” Witness and Protest WHERE: Brownsville, TX / Matamoros, MX WHEN: On January 12, 2020, we begin a sustained presence […]

Take Action

TAKE ACTION: Impeach and Remove Donald Trump

Around the United States, people are gathering to demand their elected members of Congress impeach and remove Donald Trump from office. Nobody Is Above the Law. That’s why we’re calling on Congress to Impeach & Remove Donald Trump. In San Antonio, we are particularly targeting Rep. Will Hurd and Sen. […]

United Against Family Separation

For Immigrant Children: Ghost Trains to Tent City

In Dead of Night, Trump Administration Transferring Children to Tent Camp With No Schooling and Limited Legal Services Jake Johnson With detention facilities overflowing due to President Donald Trump’s monstrous immigration policies—which have sent the number of children detained by the U.S. government soaring to a record 12,800—the Trump administration […]

Image: Republican National Convention.

‘Three Billion Reasons’ San Antonio Should Reject the RNC

*UPDATE: It appears the San Antonio City Council doesn’t take all their marching orders from the San Antonio Express-News Editorial Board. Counter the daily’s advice, San Antonio’s electeds voted today to take a pass on the RNC.* Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert and a passel of friends urged the City […]


‘Fake News’ Got you Down? Try Not Thinking

Cristina Orsini In 2017, the term “fake news” was used 365 percent more often than in 2016, earning the award for “Word of the Year” by the Collins Dictionary. Yet, fake news remains one of those highly politicized terms that gain popularity in the public discourse, while few agree on […]


Earth to Trump: Americans Still Want Climate Action

The incoming Trump administration may be packed to the gills with those who deny the fact or relevance of climate change—with Trump himself repeatedly tweeting that global warming is a “hoax”—but the majority of Americans across the political spectrum still want the government and the private sector to take action […]


New DOE spill response: “Oops!”

Rick Perry, former governor of Texas, two-time presidential candidate, and one-time Dancing With the Stars contestant, is reportedly President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to run the Department of Energy — an agency that in 2012 he forgot existed before vowing to dismantle it. Perry was governor of Texas from 2000 to […]

Shell in Debaltseve, Eastern Ukraine

Johan Galtung: Seeking a Global ‘Arthurian Round Table’

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” — From “The Sermon on the Mount” [Interviewer’s Note: A man who has published more than 150 books and 1500 articles on peace and related issues; the founder of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace, Development and Environment.; […]


Trump: Erdogan-Style Purges & the New Deplorables

In the week’s following the unsuccessful summer coup seeking to unseat Turkey’s increasingly authoritarian regime, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan launched an aggressive purge seemingly targeting all those thought to be sympathetic to the liberal cleric Fethullah Gülen. The Alliance for Shared Values, linked to Gülen, has denied any involvement. Whatever […]


House Divided: The Corruption Eating America

This column is too important, too insightful and clearly stated to be allowed to drift behind a pay wall for the benefit of the few. With apologies to Foreign Policy, I offer this critique of America’s corruption culture and how low we can expect it do go under a President […]


A ‘Plan B’ President Chosen for a ‘Plan A’ War

F. William Engdahl, Via New Eastern Outlook The project called the Trump Presidency has just two months before its formal beginning. Yet already the hopes and fantasies of much of the world are making him into something and someone Donald Trump most definitely is not. Donald Trump is yet another […]


COP22: From Marrakeck with Hope

Via Donald A. Brown, Ethics & Climate I arrived in Marrakech on Thursday am, November 10 just as the news of the election of Donald Trump was hitting the world like a large meteor hitting the Atlantic Ocean. I had come to Marrakech to participate in international climate negotiations to […]