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EP13: Charles Roundtree Bloom Project; Rights of Nature in SATX, Yanawana Herbolarios

Deceleration.Live Episode 13 comes after a month-long break at the broadcast. In it we weave together several critical conversations on emerging movements and thought rising in San Antonio, including a talk with Ki’Amber Thompson of the Charles Roundtree Bloom Project, a nascent initiative connecting kids of incarcerated parents with the […]


Twelve Black Climate Activists Changing Our World

Here are the voices of those struggling for racial justice in the face of rising temperatures. By Nexus Media The politics of climate change are shifting. This year, as the most diverse Congress in history was sworn in, its newest members called for an ambitious plan to overhaul the U.S. […]


Lockdown Offers Prep Time for Major Social Change

No one would wish for this kind of painful shake-up and lockdown, but activists have been in this position before and now is the time to learn from them. George Lakey The pandemic is many things for many people. For a lot of activists, it offers both frustration and opportunity. […]


HOLY SH*T! 7 pandemic responses better than hoarding toilet paper

We’re facing down a global pandemic. If you find yourself saying “Holy shit! What do I do?!” you’re not alone. Beautiful Trouble’s irreverent guide to activism in the time of pandemic has your back. Rae Abileah and Nadine Bloch A renegade bug is showing how deeply broken our system is. […]


Wet’suwet’en Pipeline Fight Forcing Trudeau to the Table

“Canada invades. Invades on behalf of industry. Invades during ceremony. Canada tears us from our land.” — Wetʼsuwetʼen Resistance Camp Communication Greg Harman The Wet’suwet’en peoples’s struggle against powerful fossil fuel interests and escalating violence of Canada’s militarized police forces is putting massive pressure on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Over […]

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Brazilians crowdfunding fight against massive, mysterious oil spill

In the absence of an effective response by Brazil’s right-wing government to an oil disaster five months ago, civil society is rising to the challenge. Marina Martinez A major oil spill, coming from a mysterious source in the South Atlantic Ocean, has been contaminating Brazil’s coastline since Aug. 30, 2019. […]


VIDEO: Hundreds in San Antonio Rally for Impeachment

Roughly 400 targeting US Rep. Will Hurd turn out on a cold night to support impeachment of ‘Donald tRumpudo.’ Greg Harman There were ground rules. Keep focus. Watch out for one another. Don’t engage with the heckling MAGA hats snapping around the edges. With clear attention and common care hundreds […]

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TAKE ACTION: Impeach and Remove Donald Trump

Around the United States, people are gathering to demand their elected members of Congress impeach and remove Donald Trump from office. Nobody Is Above the Law. That’s why we’re calling on Congress to Impeach & Remove Donald Trump. In San Antonio, we are particularly targeting Rep. Will Hurd and Sen. […]


‘City of Refuge’ Offers Critical Model of Resistance

‘We will do our best to hide them.’ Refugees are fleeing, hate groups are rising, the far-right is winning elections around the world. Those who want to do something about it are going to need a model for resistance. And there may be none better than the story of a […]


Live Broadcast to Explore SA’s Radical Resistance

Greg Harman As we close out Global Climate Strike week, do you or your kids ever wonder what we did before #Greta? Join us in October 7, 2019, as Deceleration teams up with URBAN-15 GROUP to explore the “Hidden History” of San Antonio’s environmental resistance. Spiking trees? Disabling earth moving […]


VIDEO: Messages from Youth Climate Strike-San Antonio

Greg Harman By preliminary estimates, the global uprising that was Friday’s Global Climate Strike inspired more than four million people around the world to rally and march for an end to the fossil fuel era. Roughly 250,000 marched in New York City alone. In San Antonio, about 100 filled a […]

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Take Action: Global Climate Strike—SA Events

San Antonio is on the cusp of passing its first ever climate plan. Houston and Dallas are poised to soon follow. While City-owned utility, CPS Energy, has worked hard to weaken the document and allow coal to burn into the 2060s, and the forces of extraction have sought to cloud […]