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Saving ‘natural resources’ won’t save us

For most of middle America—or most of America, actually—protests of any sort demonstrate questionable behavior. People are suddenly “out of their place,” different kinds of people, people made strange by their willingness to do unfamiliar and possibly illegal things to advance their message. They draw attention to themselves, and thereby, […]


Cut down a tree, go to jail, Dominican (Republic) leader warns — Repeating Islands

President Danilo Medina on Sunday made another surprise visit to the interior, this time to farmers and villagers of the town Sabaneta, where he warned them to “save the mountains, because if not, there will be no water,” Dominican Today reports. The inhabitants reacted with surprise at Medina’s warning, who […]


On Animism…


National Bat Appreciation Day

Hi all, It has been brought to my attention that today, Sunday, April 17th is National Bat Appreciation Day.  […] via Check Out these Amazing Bat Facts on National Bat Appreciation Day! — Urban Hermits Addendum: It’s been a couple years since I got up there, but you can check out […]


On the morality of extinction

Why the climate movement needs a crash course in philosophy Greg Harman The environmental community has long illustrated the seriousness of climate change with intimidating facts and figures. The now-infamous hockey stick graph twining rising heat with rising greenhouse gases defined Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. And though the science backing […]


Goodbye to the Horny Toad? A Postcard from Kenedy, Texas

After wresting a semblance of its formerly wild self from the shop-lined canals and flood-control channels of the Alamo City, the San Antonio River winds its way through 60 miles of gently rolling brush country before reaching a “spot of entrancing beauty.” In the center of Karnes County—known best for its […]


Lone Star Green: Goodbye to the Horny Toad?

Iconic Texan Goes Missing In ‘Texas Horned Lizard Capital’ of Kenedy. Before red imported fire ants hit Texas. Before dense African grasses took root on our cattle ranches. Before pesticides came to inhabit a corner spot in every garage between Orange and El Paso. Before all these threats to the horny toad […]

Crescent Hills Subdivision

Bat Attack! Why Saving Humanity Means Saving Mexican Free-Tailed Bats

“By [2050], it is extremely likely that Earth’s life-support systems, critical for human prosperity and existence, will be irretrievably damaged by the magnitude, global extent, and combination of these human-caused environmental stressors, unless we take concrete, immediate actions to ensure a sustainable, high-quality future” – Maintaining Humanity’s Life Support Systems […]


Endangered Species Act Has Kept the Water Flowing in South Texas

Imagine you’re flying 20,000 feet above a tempestuous sea, fiddling with a stalling engine. As you walk the wing and hunch over the engine, you’re dropping tools and tossing out obstinate nuts and bolts that twinkle briefly in the sun as they fall below and out of sight. As perhaps […]