caught in the act

Why is this man filming me?

What about his buddy in the Ranger with the viewfinder glued to his eye?

Several men with digital recorders and hard hats took part in a digitized stand-off Saturday as a group of about 20 uranium-curious amateur photographers toured mining operations outside Kingsville sans invitation.

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solarfest love-in

So I’m not always grousing and cracking bads on my good- and ill-intentioned brethren. Yesterday I let my hair down at Maverick Park and rocked a wee bit with the Krayolas, damned a brew or two to deeper digestions, and tried to hotwire a Mercedes-produced Smart Car, rollcage-encapsulated older brother to the IPhone with seats, a/c, and wheels.

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goliad needs you (again)

There will be a uranium mining teach-in down in Goliad this Saturday. It promises to shed more light on UEC’s efforts to mine uranium from shallow water drinking aquifers downriver from San Antonio. That would place it in prime cattle country and upriver from the oysters, shrimp, and wading birds of San Antonio Bay, fellas.

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