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Winning on Climate Requires Radical Demilitarization

Why we can’t avert climate catastrophe without demilitarization, dismantling the world’s militarized power structures. Andrew Metheven Over the last few weeks and months, grassroots activism has pushed climate change into the media in the United Kingdom. In particular, the Extinction Rebellion movement has spread from the UK to countries around […]


The Courage to Question

Anti-war veterans group, About Face, calls Witte Museum to account over George W. Bush exhibit Marisol Cortez I was living in Northern California when the Bush administration invaded Iraq in spring 2003, and I remember what relief I felt, through my horror and helplessness, that the organized opposition in that […]


In Colombia, the spoilers of peace may not be the veterans of war

Symbols are the superstructure of society. Nations form and crust around creation myths. Wars are executed in pursuit of some (imagined) glorious past. Every person who lives under a flag can identify stories that have bound them to that cloth. We wrap ourselves around identity-defining symbols of a land, an […]


Peace March Bound for Aleppo Crossing Through Germany

From Waging Nonviolence: In the wake of untold civilian casualties in Syria, thousands have pledged their support for what’s being called the Civil March for Aleppo. The initiative, which began in Berlin on Dec. 26, will see hundreds of marchers re-trace the 2,100-mile path between Syria and Germany that many […]

Shell in Debaltseve, Eastern Ukraine

Johan Galtung: Seeking a Global ‘Arthurian Round Table’

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” — From “The Sermon on the Mount” [Interviewer’s Note: A man who has published more than 150 books and 1500 articles on peace and related issues; the founder of the TRANSCEND Network for Peace, Development and Environment.; […]


Aleppo: Time for Food Drones

Regarding to humanitarian disaster in Aleppo, Anthony Judge asks a vital question this week: “If no [governmental] authorization is required for destructive bombing, why is authorization required for ‘food bombing’?” From Laetus in Praesens: Media coverage of the dramatic humanitarian situation in Aleppo repeatedly makes the case for the inability […]

Alex, New York City

Child of Aleppo: ‘He will be my brother’

A reminder here that there is a time before self-interest and fear comes to rule over our hearts. A time before self-preservation seizes our sense of morality and friendship. A time called childhood. Yesterday, the White House released news of a six-year-old boy who wrote to President Obama offering a […]


Journalists could do more to create a culture of peace

Johan Galtung We want journalists to do that, give us the state of the world, from one “trouble spot”–arenas of past-present-future violence–to the other. Not to mirror the world, but to make it more transparent.  What questions should they ask to do a good job, below the surface? For key […]