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Victoria Texas Mosque Fire Ruled Arson

Jim Malewitz, Texas Tribune Investigators said Wednesday that someone intentionally set the fire that destroyed a mosque two weeks ago in Victoria, the South Texas town that has since rallied around its Muslim community. But experts still don’t know who set the blaze, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and […]

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‘Fierce Resistance’ Promised after Dakota Access Approved

Without court injunction, construction that would tunnel beneath Standing Rock Sioux’s primary source of drinking water could begin within 24 hours The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Tuesday said it has notified Congress that it plans to grant Energy Transfer Partners the final easement to build the Dakota Access […]

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Resisting Trump Order at SA International

Part of a gathering movement in San Antonio, Texas, and reflective of actions taking place across the country and around the world, a group of roughly 40 area residents occupied San Antonio International Airport on Sunday, January 29, 2017, to oppose the recent Trump Executive Order on visas and refugees. […]

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Leaking to the Media is Patriotic. Here’s How to Do It

George W. Bush ushered in an era covert mass surveillance, extraordinary renditions, and a highly secret drone-powered assassination program. Though pledging to break with the policies of his shadow-hugging predecessor, President Obama veered into the dark as well. By the time he left office earlier this month, Obama had pursued […]


Women’s March: Tens of Thousands ‘Waltz Across Texas’

The day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, tens of thousands of Texans took part in marches across the state Saturday during Texas’ multiple iterations of the Women’s March on Washington. By by Mariana Alfaro, Brandon Formby, Abby Livingston and Cassandra Pollock The day after the inauguration of President […]

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Art of the Deal: How to Protest Trump

Start preparing ground for a big-tent collaborative. Jeremy David Bendik-Keymer, Case Western Reserve University With the new administration beginning, many people might want to know how to resist it. The inauguration week includes many protests against Donald Trump’s values – from the Women’s March on Washington to the #J20 Art […]


Trump ‘Catastrophe’ Could Spark Climate-Justice Surprise

Progress under Obama had been marginal, but the shock of this moment offers us a possible ‘slingshot.’ Tom Athanasiou/EcoEquity Trump’s election was a catastrophe. Coming on top of everything else, it more than justifies pessimism. But at the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me add that our new position is […]

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‘Society Must Be Defended’: An Inauguration Day Read-In

Here’s a unique way of organizing in resistance to the incoming administration. Via Paige West and JC Salyer In the wake of the 2016 US presidential election scholars across the country and internationally have worked to understand the drivers for the election outcomes. We have tried to foresee the potential […]


Can Facebook Create an Algorithm to Defuse Voter Anger?

Zuckerberg’s problem is more complicated than fake news R. Kelly Garrett In the wake of Donald Trump’s unexpected victory, many questions have been raised about Facebook’s role in the promotion of inaccurate and highly partisan information during the presidential race and whether this fake news influenced the election’s outcome. A […]

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Climate Deniers are Not Little Galileos. Here’s Why.

The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change: How is it measured and what it means. Ray Weymann/Central Coast Climate Science It is frequently said that “97 percent of climate scientists agree that the climate is changing, due mostly to human activities,” or words to that effect. I recently received email from […]


Game Over? Nobel Laureates Decry Climate Denial Agenda

Tabulating the amount of carbon stored in the Canadian tar sands, retired NASA climate scientist James Hansen said the burning of that tarry storehouse while continuing a business-as-usual petroleum-powered agenda would mean “game over” for planet earth. A coalition of climate activists, concerned Midwestern growers, and Native peoples beat back […]


Bamboozled: A cure for Trump’s snake oil

Smooth-talking con artists are familiar figures in American folklore. The well-dressed hustler arrives in an unsuspecting town. He pitches some miracle cure or get-rich-quick scheme, door-to-door or from atop a soapbox. Then before his customers realize they’ve been duped, he steals away in search of his next mark. It’s a […]