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Four Ways to Help Children Cope with the Damage We’ve Done to Our Planet

Louise Chawla As an environmental psychologist who works to improve children’s access to nature, I recently completed a review that brings two bodies of research together: one on connecting children and adolescents with nature, and the second on supporting healthy coping when they realize they are part of a planet […]

San Antonio Bioregion, Take Action

TAKE ACTION: Attend First SA Climate Ready Committees Meeting

After a two-year odyssey creating San Antonio’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan—political delays in adoption, followed by a year of silence—the SA Climate Ready’s new committees are finally assembling and seeking community input. On Tuesday night, two committees charged with guiding City climate policies in the years ahead will meet […]


‘Ready to Mobilize’: 500+ Demonstrations Planned to Make Every Vote Count

San Antonio Rally to ‘Protect the Results’ as National Movement Mulls Mass Action. As the nightmare scenario many have been warning about for months came true early Wednesday with President Donald Trump’s false declaration of victory, advocacy organizations behind the “Protect the Results” coalition reaffirmed that they are prepared to […]


Election or Coup? How to (Really) Stop Trump from Stealing the Election

EDITOR’S NOTE: Few pundits are expecting a clear winner from the 2020 presidential election on November 4. Most expect that sorting out mail-in ballots and legal challenges will take days to weeks. Many—more than we’d like, but perhaps fewer than we’d expect—are weighing the odds of a coup attempt by […]

San Antonio Bioregion, Take Action

TAKE ACTION: A Community-Led Climate/COVID-19 Recovery

On Saturday, Join an Online Conversation to Help Develop a Community-Led Climate/COVID-19 Recovery for San Antonio. {EDITOR’S NOTE, 10.30.2020: Thanks to all who attended. View full event video here.} A recovery plan that is capable of meeting the challenges of today’s many colliding crises must center the needs of those […]


Lender Oportun Is Suing Low-Income Latinx in Texas by the Thousands

A monthslong investigation revealed that California-based Oportun Inc., founded to help Latino immigrants build credit, routinely uses lawsuits to intimidate a vulnerable population into keeping up with high-interest loan payments—even amid COVID-19. Kiah Collier, Ren Larson, & Perla Trevizo HOUSTON—On an afternoon in mid-June, Analleli Solis was walking home from […]

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TAKE ACTION: Stand With Jasper Mobile Home Park Residents

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Fabiola Torralba, 210-551-9030, JASPER MOBILE HOME PARK RESIDENTS THREATENED TO HAVE HOMES FORCIBLY REMOVED ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, 2020 On Friday, August 21, 2020 at 8 a.m., Jasper Mobile Home Park residents (6725 Walzem Rd 78239) request the presence and support of the public […]

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Utility Violence: CPS Energy’s History of Forced Shutoffs

To Truly Tackle Root Inequities, Council Must Address CPS Energy’s Legacy of Disconnections Greg Harman San Antonio summers are a time of retreat. During 2012, Texas’s hottest year on record, San Antonians fled to movie theaters, water parks, libraries, and VIA’s designated cooling centers (our bus fleet). For those in […]

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TAKE ACTION: Drive for Black Lives!

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY! August 1st is the day for the Nationwide March for Black Lives Matter in Washington, D.C., with solidarity actions happening across the nation. San Antonio will organize a car caravan that is also a food drive, hosted by San Antonio Coalition for Police Accountability. Saturday is also […]


Federal Forces in Portland Escalate Violence Against Journalists

As federal agents snatch protesters in unmarked vans, the reporters covering the Portland uprising are facing intense and unprecedented repression. Shane Burley On the night of July 11, as hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters amassed around the Justice Center in Portland, Oregon, federal Homeland Security officers opened fire with […]


‘Lamborghini’ Border Wall About to Topple into the Rio Grande

Trump supporters funded a private border wall on the banks of the Rio Grande, helping the builder secure $1.7 billion in federal contracts. But experts say the wall is already critically failing. Jeremy Schwartz and Perla Trevizo Tommy Fisher billed his new privately funded border wall as the future of […]


EP13: Charles Roundtree Bloom Project; Rights of Nature in SATX, Yanawana Herbolarios

Deceleration.Live Episode 13 comes after a month-long break at the broadcast. In it we weave together several critical conversations on emerging movements and thought rising in San Antonio, including a talk with Ki’Amber Thompson of the Charles Roundtree Bloom Project, a nascent initiative connecting kids of incarcerated parents with the […]