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Green New Deal Betrays Massive Ag & Energy Subsidies

To hear the Wall Street Journal columnist Kim Strassel tell it, the Green New Deal (PDF) would spend trillions of dollars while eliminating jobs, travel, delicious food and family time. The Green New Deal “means every Democrat in Washington will get to go on the record in favor of abolishing air travel, outlawing steaks, forcing all American homeowners to retrofit their houses, putting every miner, oil rigger, livestock rancher and gas-station attendant out of a job, and spending trillions and trillions more tax money,” Strassel wrote after progressive Democrats put forward a resolution calling for a bold plan to zero out U.S. carbon emissions.

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The Answer to Climate Denial Isn’t More Facts–It’s Shame

Jeremy Deaton / Nexus Media Early 20th-century black historian Carter G. Woodson once wrote that schools were places where African-Americans “must be convinced of their inferiority.” He saw that the […]

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TAKE ACTION: Climate Plan Under Attack

A year and a half after Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the San Antonio City Council committed to creating a climate action plan for the city, area developers and oil and […]

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