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On Voting the Climate

Voting the Climate means voting to eliminate local emissions causing suffering around the planet and here at home. It means prioritizing investment in San Antonio neighborhoods that are least able to recover from the heat-related disasters we can’t avoid.


Is China Really Building An ‘Ecological Civilization’?

China’s leader affirms an ecological vision aligned with progressive environmental thought. Whether it’s mere rhetoric or has a deeper resonance within Chinese culture will have a profound global effect. Jeremy Lent/Common Dreams Imagine a newly elected President of the United States calling in his inaugural speech for an “ecological civilization” […]


Bamboozled: A cure for Trump’s snake oil

Smooth-talking con artists are familiar figures in American folklore. The well-dressed hustler arrives in an unsuspecting town. He pitches some miracle cure or get-rich-quick scheme, door-to-door or from atop a soapbox. Then before his customers realize they’ve been duped, he steals away in search of his next mark. It’s a […]


{FAKE NEWS} Doctor Breaks Silence on Trump’s Brain Infection {FAKE NEWS}

Link to rumored venereal disease could make condition untreatable! Donald Trump’s contentious ride to the White House is all but over, but the debate over his medical fitness for office may be just beginning. On Monday, hundreds of members of the Electoral College in states across the country made official […]


Earth to Trump: Americans Still Want Climate Action

The incoming Trump administration may be packed to the gills with those who deny the fact or relevance of climate change—with Trump himself repeatedly tweeting that global warming is a “hoax”—but the majority of Americans across the political spectrum still want the government and the private sector to take action […]


New DOE spill response: “Oops!”

Rick Perry, former governor of Texas, two-time presidential candidate, and one-time Dancing With the Stars contestant, is reportedly President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to run the Department of Energy — an agency that in 2012 he forgot existed before vowing to dismantle it. Perry was governor of Texas from 2000 to […]


House Divided: The Corruption Eating America

This column is too important, too insightful and clearly stated to be allowed to drift behind a pay wall for the benefit of the few. With apologies to Foreign Policy, I offer this critique of America’s corruption culture and how low we can expect it do go under a President […]

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Trump Attack Shames the Mentally Ill

This is not about Donald Trump. It’s about the language we use talking about mental illness. It’s been a long, ugly march out of the “madhouses” of American history. But for those millions who suffer from conditions like depression, obsession-compulsive disorder, or ADHD, the playground taunting, the workplace sneers, and […]

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Climate Change: America’s Most Divisive Issue?

In US politics, global warming has grown more divisive than abortion, gun control, or the death penalty. Children in the US are traumatized by a school shooting roughly every week. Radical religion-fueled vigilantes have bombed abortion clinics and stalked and killed the doctors who perform them. But it’s not gun […]