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Week Five, 2018: Bad Moons, Cedar War, & Owls for Peace

January 30, 2018 A roundup of the day’s headlines. Early risers can bark at the ‘Superbad’ moon It will be full. It will be blue. It will be super. And it will be in total eclipse. In other words: prepare for a “superbad” moon. Best part is you don’t have […]


Storm the Crossroads: How the Fracking ‘Revolution’ Gambles Our Already-Tenuous Future

We idle at a crossroads. It’s a harried intersection, to be sure, at a twilight hour. From one direction flow the rail cars of explosive oil, streams of latticed drilling rigs, water-sucking, chemical-spuming trucks, and the promise of mined Canadian oil sands snaking over the Ogallala – our nation’s largest […]


Companies Embrace Rainwater Harvesting Even As U.S. States Go Slow

Texas approved funding for a $50bn water plan, but left out a tool that has been growing in popularity among corporations (First published by Guardian Sustainable Business.) Texas voters last night approved the creation of a water bank expected to fund nearly $30bn in water infrastructure projects in the coming decades. […]


Clean Water Act Settlement Follows San Antonio Water System CEO Bonus

Yesterday, the SAWS Board of Directors agreed to give its CEO, Robert Puente, a $72,000 “performance award” on top of his annual $325,187 salary. The bonus was given in part for his leadership in overseeing the integration of the Bexar Metropolitan Water District, according to the Express-News. Today, the U.S. EPA and Department of […]

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Border Walls As Murder: On Climate Change, Migration, & Misdirection

Back in 2010, I wrote of the potential of sustained ignorance about climate change to become so willful that it “becomes criminal.” Back then Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was only a high-profile obstructionist making his living suing the federal government to, among other things, stop the regulation of greenhouse gases […]

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‘Toxic Triangle’ Residents Refuse To Go Quietly On Anniversary Of Kelly Closure

A dozen years since the closing of Kelly Air Force Base, ailing residents and community activists gathered to decry contamination, injustice. Victor San Miguel presents a proud and defiant image outside the entrance of Port San Antonio, formerly Kelly Air Force Base, site one of the nation’s worst toxic contaminations. […]

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Fracking the Eagle Ford Poses Serious Air-Quality Challenge for San Antonio

You can call it bragging rights. For years, San Antonio policy makers and elected leaders have made a lot of hay out of the fact that San Antonio was one of the last large cities in the United States still in compliance with federal ozone standards. That appears to be […]

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Coal as ‘Savior’? Sins of Omission Cloud the Story of Big Brown’s Town

“Dread,” read the headline about the East Texas coal belt and proposed federal climate regulations. Finally, I thought. Finally an appropriate response from the coal industry. Obama insists new climate regs are finally coming to the nation’s coal plants. Cue up the rows of tiny violins and pass out the black […]

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After West: San Antonio Chemical Plant’s Compliance History Demands Scrutiny

In the summer of 2007, a pump at the Blue Line Corporation in East San Antonio was “inadvertently turned off,” releasing about 50 pounds of hydrochloric acid into the air. Five employees at a nearby business began to experience breathing difficulties and called emergency responders. Four were examined onsite for complaints […]

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Conservation and Desalination: An Alternative Prescription For Texas Water Management

The nation needs $384.2 billion dollars in water infrastructure and development to meet its needs for clean drinking water, according to a recent EPA report to Congress. The figure reflects the fact that the bulk of the nation’s water systems are approaching the end of their life expectancy. The authors of […]