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Flooded Communties after Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey: ‘Invisible’ Suffering Six Months Later

“It’s not rocket science to understand that disasters exacerbate inequality. Those communities that struggled before the storm are still struggling after.” Democracy Now! This week marks six months since Hurricane Harvey caused historic flooding in Houston, Texas, the most diverse city in the nation and one of its largest. Houston […]

Reporting, Take Action

Helping Harvey’s Frontline Communities as the Pipes Break

“People don’t know what’s seeping into their air and their homes.” Two explosions and “plumes of black smoke” were reported early Thursday morning at an Arkema chemical plant in Crosby, Texas, following warnings from Arkema CEO Richard Rowe Wednesday night that “high water and lack of power” caused by Hurricane […]


Explosive New Brunswick Protest Likely To Charge International Anti-Fracking Actions

For months, indigenous groups and their allies have been peacefully protesting plans by Houston-based Southwestern Energy to use seismic trucks to hunt for potential fracking sites in New Brunswick, Canada, northeast of Maine. For nearly three weeks a blockade has kept the company trucks from operating. Earlier this week, Bryan Parras […]


Mi’kmaq Warrior Society Shuts Down Houston Fracking Company

“Even the corporate monsters are envious of what we have, because we have all the love…” More information at Halifax Media Co-op.


LONE STAR GREEN: Texas Lawmakers Sleep As Future Storms Gather Strength

Five years ago, Hurricane Ike – one of the costliest storms in U.S. history – plowed into Galveston Bay chewing through $29 billion in homes, businesses, roads, and bridges. It further punished the Texas economy to the tune of $142 billion in the year of recovery that followed, according to […]


San Antonio Trailing In National ‘Clean Tech Leadership’ Rankings

San Antonio (and Houston, and Dallas, and Austin) have made important strides in building increasingly sustainable cities rich in low-polluting clean-tech technologies and developing carbon-reduction strategies. San Antonio’s CPS Energy and Austin’s Austin Energy continue to lead nationally in green-power sales, for instance, and important weatherization efforts, electric-vehicle charging stations, […]