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VIDEO: Antonio Diaz and the Roots of the Indigenous Dignity Day March in San Antonio

‘All You Have to Do Is Open Up Your Eyes.’

This October in San Antonio there are a range of events honoring Indigenous Peoples Day. Antonio Diaz has been organizing for Indigenous rights and recognition in San Antonio, Texas, for a quarter of a century. On the cusp of his 25th march in the city, Deceleration spoke with Diaz about the roots of his own Indigenous awareness and movement away from Dia de la Raza rhetoric in the late ’90s to what became a tenacious drive for an Indigenous Peoples Day declaration in San Antonio. With that declaration secured in 2015, Diaz says his aim is now to move the state’s leadership, which remains mired in violent, racist policies toward Native people as exemplified in Project Lone Star on the border, toward similar action.

March artwork by Red and Padrón Antonio.

mon09oct10:30 ammon1:00 pmIndigenous People's Day at San Antonio CollegeAll Indigenous Tribes, communities, and dancers are welcome

mon09oct10:00 ammon2:00 pmBrackenridge Park Indigenous People's DayGather in the sacred Yanaguana spirit waters

sat14oct1:00 pmsat5:00 pmIndigenous Dignity DayHuman Rights March


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