Reporting Video Briefs

VIDEO: Climate Change: Worry, Then Act. A Presentation by Andrew Dessler

Dr. Andrew Dessler, a climate scientist from Texas A&M University, speaking earlier today, March 24, 2019, to an audience at the San Antonio Botanical Garden about “Climate Change: The Evidence, Why You Should Be Worried, and What We Can Do About It.” He is introduced by San Antonio Councilmember Ana Sandoval.

From the Garden press release: “As San Antonio moves forward with the final phase of the SA Climate Ready Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (view on ), the talk is both timely and informative. Dr. Dessler studies both the science of climate change and the policies, at all levels of government, required to address this dangerous challenge to our communities. The talk was a partnership between the Garden and William R. Sinkin Eco Centro and sponsored by San Antonio Water System (SAWS).”